LawPracticeCLE Unlimited

LawPracticeCLE Unlimited is an elite program allowing Attorneys and Legal Professionals unlimited access to all LawPracticeCLE live and on-demand courses for an entire year. LawPracticeCLE provides 20 new continuing legal education courses each month that will not only appeal to your liking, but also meet your State Bar Requirements. Top Attorneys and Judges from all over the country partner with us to provide a wide variety of course topics from basic to advanced. Whether you are a paralegal or an experienced attorney, you can expect to grow from the wealth of knowledge our speakers provide.

Disclaimer: LawPracticeCLE will automatically seek CLE approval for your first 5 completed courses in your primary and alternate state licensed. Should you need additional credits submitted to your state bar(s), please email our administrator, so we can have your transcript updated accordingly.